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If you need help for any matter regarding our directory, please write to us at write us at this e-mail address, we will respond as soon as possible.

Before you contact us, it might be useful to check whether your question has already been answered in our Frequently-Asked-Questions below :-)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly is ItalianWeb.org?
A: t is a directory, a catalog of websites, where each site is classified in topical categories with its own description of the site's contents.

Q: In which languages is ItalianWeb.org published?
A: At the moment, the directory is available in English and Italian. The two versions mirror each other and each website listed in ItalianWeb.org is automatically listed in the Italian version as well.

Q: What type of sites are listed in ItalianWeb.org?
A: Sites which cover Italy in any of its many aspects, or which present an Italian activity or organization. Only a few quality websites will be listed in ItalianWeb.org, sites which are complete, rich in unique content and well-designed. We favor informational sites, institutional and official websites, as well as non-profit sites.

Q: Who writes the descriptions for the sites?
A: Our editorial team is responsible for the descriptions and classification of the sites, following its own subjective editorial criteria.

Q: How can I propose a site to ItalianWeb.org?
A: You can suggest a site be listed on ItalianWeb.org by sending us an email. For more details, read here.

Q: How much does a listing in ItalianWeb.org cost?
A: ItalianWeb.org lists sites for free! You can suggest any site you think might add to the usefulness of ItalianWeb.org but remember that only some of the sites that are proposed actually end up being selected and reviewed by our editorial team. It is also not always possible for us to reply back to all requests for listings.