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Italian Football/Soccer Federation - 3819 Clicks ItalianRank 4
Italian Football/Soccer Federation - -
The site presents the history, structure and rules of the Federation. On the first page, the latest news on soccer are highlighted with an archive of past news articles. Sections are dedicated to the A, B, C and amateur leagues and to the associations of players and coaches. The site includes official press releases for the federation, and special reports on world and European championships.
La Gazzetta dello Sport - 3553 Clicks ItalianRank 4
La Gazzetta dello Sport - -
Online version of the main Italian newspaper dedicated entirely to sport news, with various articles that cover all sports, from soccer to beach volleyball. There are many sections, among these a section on multimedia files, a community forum and online games. A special section focuses on the Italian leagues' A and B series, with the latest news, scores and videos.
Giro d'Italia - 1255 Clicks ItalianRank 3
Giro d'Italia - -
Official site for the Giro d'Italia, Italy's major cycling race taking place from mid-May through early June. The site includes a history of the race, information on the participating teams, standings for each stage of the race, and details on the stages including maps and altitude indicators. The site also includes video broadcasts, photographs, and an archieve with details on previous race editions.
Italian National Olympic Committee - 818 Clicks ItalianRank 3
Italian National Olympic Committee - -
The CONI, in addition to promoting sports in general, coordinates and supervises the national sports associations. The site includes information on the Committee's structure, laws and statute, as well as a lits of the the recognized National Sports Federations, Associated Disciplines Federations and details on Regional and Provincial Committees. Lastly, a section is dedicated to the Olympics and to the Italian Olympic teams.
Italian Volleyball Federation - 825 Clicks ItalianRank 2
Italian Volleyball Federation - -
The site for the Italian Volleyball Federation offers information on the national and European championships, the latest news on games and rankings, and the various types of volleyball teams. Details on past competitions and results are also available, including a history of the teams and various divisions, and the rules and regulations of the federation.
Professional National League - 862 Clicks ItalianRank 2
Professional National League - -
Official site for the Italian Soccer League presents the latest news in the world of soccer and the various championships and main soccer competitions that take place in Italy. The site includes information on the principal soccer teams, game calendar and rankings. Additionally, the site includes official press releases and documentation of the Professional National League.

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