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Cookaround - 1343 Clicks ItalianRank 4
Cookaround - -
Recipe site dedicated mainly to Italian cuisine, including regional recipes. The site includes some recipes from classic Italian recipe books and detailed articles on preparing certain foods, such as bread, pizza, fish and pasta. The forum is a very lively place, where users can contribute recipes and leave comments.
Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Consortium - 1358 Clicks ItalianRank 4
Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Consortium - -
Official website for the consortium that overseas the production of Parmigiano Reggiano and protects the DOP trademark. Detailed information on the place of origin, history, production process, recipes and information for reserving guided visits at select cheese factories.
Speck Alto Adige Consortium - 560 Clicks ItalianRank 4
Speck Alto Adige Consortium - -
Group dedicated to promoting and protecting the trademark for the northern Italian specialty, a protected status ham. Detailed history, characteristics, information on production process, recipes and promotion activities. Very interesting site to learn more about speck!
Alla corte di Bacco - 7267 Clicks ItalianRank 3
Alla corte di Bacco - -
Online store offers Italian food products, but specializes in wines, distilled spirits and liquors. One can search by category, view by price or brand. Store will ship products worldwide.
Consorzio del Chianti Classico - 425 Clicks ItalianRank 3
Consorzio del Chianti Classico - -
Official site for the consortium of the Chianti Classico wine appellation from Tuscany. Includes details on the production code and the production of the wine, history on the consortium, on the territory and wine estates producing Chianti Classico DOCG.
Italian Espresso National Institute - 821 Clicks ItalianRank 3
Italian Espresso National Institute - -
With the goal of safeguarding and promoting the original "Italian Espresso", a symbol of "made in Italy" worldwide, the institute's site presents the certification process and activities. The various sections of the site describe the characteristics that make this a unique type of coffee drink, and explain the types of coffee blends and necessary equipment for making an authentic cup of Espresso.
Movimento del Turismo del Vino - 420 Clicks ItalianRank 3
Movimento del Turismo del Vino - -
The association was born with the objective to promote visits to the places where wine is produced. Over the years, it has grown to offer visits to over 900 wineries where the quality of service and hospitality is guaranteed. The site contains information on the main wine events taking place nationally, as well as news on each of the wine regions.
San Daniele Ham Consortium - 826 Clicks ItalianRank 3
San Daniele Ham Consortium - -
A very detailed website by the consortium which safeguards and certifies the high quality of San Daniele PDO ham (protected designation of origin), made in San Daniele in the northeastern region of Italy. The various sections include the history of the product, nutritional qualities, a few recipes, the consortium's activities and, finally, a list of the companies which make San Daniele ham.
Slitti Chocolate - 1225 Clicks ItalianRank 3
Slitti Chocolate - -
Andrea Slitti is one of the best artisan masters of chocolate in Tuscany. The site presents the company, located in Monsummano Terme, the shops and the various products offered.
Slow Food Italy - 689 Clicks ItalianRank 3
Slow Food Italy - -
The Slow Food organization was founded in Italy to support local food traditions and promote a food model that respects both the enviroment and diverse cultural identities. The site presents the philosophy of the group, activities and planned events both nationally and internationally.
Bresaola della Valtellina Consortium - 422 Clicks ItalianRank 2
Bresaola della Valtellina Consortium - -
Site for the board dedicated to controlling and promoting the northern Italian Bresaola IGP cured meat. The site explains the characteristics and production process, and includes a brief history, recipes and list of producers.
Italian Sommelier Association - 476 Clicks ItalianRank 2
Italian Sommelier Association - -
Website for the association dedicated to sommeliers which organizes food and wine initiatives across Italy and abroad. In addition to a calendar with programmed events, the site includes information on sommelier courses and wine reviews and articles.
Italian Wine & Gourmet - 180 Clicks ItalianRank 2
Italian Wine & Gourmet - -
The site presents Italian cooking courses and culinary tours organized for professionals, gourmets and young women. The site includes details on the course programs, organized visits and tastings and information on other courses offered on Italian food.
Melegatti - 935 Clicks ItalianRank 2
Melegatti - -
Official website for the well-known confectionary company specialized in Italian Christmas breads called "panettone" and "pandoro". The site presents the company's history and all of the product lines.
Pasticcerie Nannini - 1167 Clicks ItalianRank 2
Pasticcerie Nannini - -
Site for the historical pastry shop born in Siena. The pastry shop is specialized in the production of local traditional sweets, such as panforte and ricciarelli. The site includes the history of the family business, as well as details on the shop and press releases.

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