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Italian Language Schools

The best way to learn Italian quickly is to completely immersed in it by studying in Italy. Thousands of foreign students decide to do just that every year, coming to Italy to attend one of the numerous Italian language courses offered by the Italian language schools in the country.
Italian language schools are all over Italy, although many of them are concentrated in the better known cities of Florence, Rome and Bologna where it is possible to combine both language study with Italian cultural studies and visiting the city and having fun.

Another important advantage of studying in an Italian language school in Italy is the possibility to immediately put into practice what you just learned in your Italian lessons. Complete language immersion inside but also outside of the classroom walls gives you the chance to practice your new language schools and speeds up the language learning process.
Even if it is not widely used as a spoken language worldwide, the Italian language is highly esteemed abroad and many students select it as their first or second foreign language. Italy is culturally, artistically and literally very rich, and much can be better appreciated and understood if you know the Italian language.

It is possible to more completely enjoy the essence of Italy by attending an Italian language school. In addition to Italian lessons it is also possible to enjoy other aspects Italy has to offer: art, culture, traditions as well as cuisine, sport, beautiful landscapes and much more.
Whomever wishes to study Italian in one of the language schools in Italy will find a wide selection of quality schools. It should not be difficult to find the course and school that best meets your particular needs!


Learn more about Italian Language Schools

Schools teaching Italian in Italy offer a good variety of courses for foreigners and various ways to learn the Italian language. In addition to traditional language courses, schools generally also offer intensive as well as personalized courses to adapt to the learning and studying needs of each student. Language schools often also offer private Italian lessons which are particularly important for those who need, for business or study needs, to concentrate completely on learning Italian in the shortest time possible.

Schools also offer other interesting ways to combine the study of Italian with interesting activities, where it is possible to learn Italian as you learn to cook popular Italian dishes or learn painting techniques, music, visit archaeological sites or even while you practice your favorite sport. Why not make the experience of learning Italian even more fun than by mixing it with another activity you love or have always wanted to learn?

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