Fashion Classes and Fashion Schools in Italy

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Fashion Schools in Italy

Italian fashion is loved and appreciated all over the world. Since its beginnings in the 1950's, Italian fashion has grown steadily to the top of international markets. Considering the prestige of fashion "made in Italy", studying in a fashion school in Italy is a good starting point for anyone who wishes to work in the fashion sector.

Several of the most prestigious international fashion schools benefit from the great tradition and passion for fashion found in Italy. The Polimoda Fashion Institute in Florence and the Domus Academy and Marangoni Institute in Milan are without a doubt some of the major fashion schools in Italy.

The main fashion schools in Italy offer numerous post-diploma courses, master programs, intensive summer classes and specialization courses for those who already have some experience in the fashion sector.
A fashion school generally offers a wide range of courses that cover various aspects of work within the fashion sector beyond simply designing garments. Fashion design programs include classes on marketing, visual communications, product development, digital imaging and costume and accessory design. Within the fashion field, there are many different types of professional figures: from the widely known figure of fashion designer to that of pattern maker, from marketing experts or event organizers to more innovative professions such as personal shoppers or cool hunters.

Italy and fashion are a successful match, to study fashion design in Italy is a great opportunity for anyone wishing to work in the fashion sector.


Fashion School Polimoda - 4520 Clicks ItalianRank 4
Fashion School Polimoda - -
Official site for Polimoda, one of the main fashion design schools in Italy and Europe, located in Florence. The site presents the various courses and master programs on fashion design and marketing, with information on projects and services offered by the school.
Domus Academy - 4231 Clicks ItalianRank 2
Domus Academy - -
Official site for the school, with information on courses, masters and programed events.
Istituto Marangoni - 4677 Clicks ItalianRank 2
Istituto Marangoni - -
Official site for the institute presents the school and courses held in Milan, Paris and London.

Learn more about Fashion Schools in Italy

Anyone who wishes to become a fashion designer, pattern maker, visual merchandiser or handle the commercial, distribution or communication aspects of the fashion sector has only to select among the fashion schools in Italy.

An Italian fashion school offers students the possibility to gain the "know-how" required to enter into the complex world of fashion. Studying in a fashion school means being taught and mentored by experts in field, as well as having the chance to learn from fellow students in a stimulating and creative atmosphere. Many fashion schools in Italy also offer the opportunity to intern with companies in the fashion sector, in order to complete and strengthen the student's professional training. An internship in a fashion company is without a doubt an important experience for students, taking advantage of the many fashion companies in Italy, many known internationally and what they can offer. It also isn't rare for students to find job placement within the fashion company where they interned after having completed their training.

The majority of fashion schools in Italy offer both single courses as well as specialized masters programs for both Italian and foreign students. Often the fashion schools with a more international outlook organize courses exclusively in English to attract and meet the requests of international students. Each year the number of international students in fashion schools in Italy continues to grow.

Studying fashion in Italy is without a doubt an important decision. The completion of a course or masters program in one of the most prestigious fashion schools in Italy represents an excellent entry ticket into the world of fashion, not just in Italy.

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