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Damiani Jewels - 2393 Clicks ItalianRank 4
Damiani Jewels - -
In the precious jewelry sector, Damiani represents one of the top national brands and is well recognized worldwide as an exponent of jewelry made in Italy. The site contains a lot of photographs, through which it is possible to admire the company's collections.
Ducati - 1659 Clicks ItalianRank 4
Ducati - -
Company born in Bologna in the 1920s which boasts an impressive motorcycle tradition, makes Ducati a well-known name among cycle enthusiasts. The site contains information on the current MotoGP racing, Ducati clubs and community and history of the company. The section on bikes includes detailed information on models, with photographs, and dealer locator. A shop section offers Ducati branded merchandise, which can be purchased online.
Ferrari - 1687 Clicks ItalianRank 4
Ferrari - -
Site dedicated to the world of Ferrari, includes a history of the company founded in 1929 by Enzo Ferrari up to the present. The site includes news on the various racing competitions Ferrari participates in, with an official community online. A section dedicated to the cars includes detailed information on both race and road models, another includes up to date information on the Formula 1 competition. The site includes links to a Ferrari store and a photographic gallery. - 2176 Clicks ItalianRank 3 - -
A portal for Italian businesses proposed by the DADA group. The companies are categorized by sector, with a brief description and general information for each one.
Fiat - 1112 Clicks ItalianRank 3
Fiat - -
The site contains information on all models currently in production, with general details, photographs, accessories and cost. There are also sections on current promotions and assistance centers and guarantee information on purchased automobiles.
Guzzini - 1350 Clicks ItalianRank 3
Guzzini - -
This company is well-known for its original design of kitchen accessories and household items. The sites presents the history of the company, with a section dedicated to the designers, with biographies and list of products created. The site also contains the most recent catalog online, as well as contact information.
Lotto - 984 Clicks ItalianRank 3
Lotto - -
Official site for Lotto Sport Italia, company specialized in the production of athletic footwear and sportswear made in Italy. The site presents the latest collections, with the possibility to directly purchase products online.
Mutui - 146 Clicks ItalianRank 3
Mutui - -
Info about mortages in Italy (Mutui), official page on Wikipedia.
OBI Fashion Metal Accessories - 355 Clicks ItalianRank 3
OBI Fashion Metal Accessories - -
OBI is a leader in the design and manufacture of metal accessories for fashion bags, belts and suitcases. The company, headquartered in Florence, produces metal buckles, accessories for belts and metal fashion accessories for bags and leather items such as briefcases. The company's website has a general history of the firm, and offers a general presentation of the design and production processes of the various metal accessories it creates.
Piaggio - 948 Clicks ItalianRank 3
Piaggio - -
The Piaggio Group site offers information on the Piaggio museum, investor relations, and research and development. The site then offers dedicated sections to each of the brands within the group: Piaggio, Vespa, Gilera, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and Derbi. Each brand presents their entire product line, with characteristics, pricelists, current promotions and contact information for customer assistance.
Alessi - 1367 Clicks ItalianRank 2
Alessi - -
This Italian company is well-known internationally for its kitchen and household accessories made in innovative designs. The products are presented in a searchable online catalog, with links to an online shop and store details.
Deka Medical Laser - 401 Clicks ItalianRank 2
Deka Medical Laser - -
Medical laser producer, presents it's products and their applications.
Fratelli Rossetti - 1282 Clicks ItalianRank 2
Fratelli Rossetti - -
The footwear manufacturer with headquarters in Milan was founded in 1953. The site presents all of the various phases of production, from design to creation. In addition to a history of the company, the site presents the latest footwear and accessories collections, with addresses of boutiques where it is possible to purchase them.
Iterchimica - 327 Clicks ItalianRank 2
Iterchimica - -
Official site for Iterchimica, company leader in road pavement chemicals and materials. The site has information on the company and its products, with detailed information on possible applications.
Berkel Slicing Machines - 101 Clicks ItalianRank 1
Berkel Slicing Machines - -
Restores, repairs and sells Berkel slicers.

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