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About Italian Web

What does one think about when we say "Italy"?
Does its history and culture, and its works of art come into mind?
Its unique, historical cities such as Rome, Florence or Venice?
Does one think about the taste of Italian style, in design and in fashion?
Or does one think of one of the healthiest and most appreciated cuisines in the world, which goes beyond pizza and spaghetti to offer a wide variety of genuine products that are at the base of the Mediterranean diet?

Italy is all these things and many more: "Italian" is synonymous of good taste, quality, culture and beauty, in essence it is what is commonly called "la dolce vita", the sweet life. It doesn't hurt that it is also a beautiful country, with magnificent landscapes including the region of Tuscany, the Amalfi coast and the islands of Capri, Elba, Sardinia and Sicily.

It is thus no wonder that so many websites exist dedicated to Italy and to its various features, from tourist guides suggesting places to visit to online shops selling wholesome Italian products. ItalianWeb reviews these types of sites, selecting those which we feel are the most complete, updated, and well developed, cataloging them into thematic areas. In this manner, we hope to help all those fascinated by Italy and all things Italian in their search for "la dolce vita".

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